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Renovation of Unit 1211 at Verde Two

In December 2023, Noble Design commenced its renovation project for Unit 1211 at Verde Two, as part of the 5th batch of units entrusted by our esteemed client. Work commenced three months after the down payment was received, aligning with our established timeline.

Cost of Project (000,000)

Number of Days

The client's requirements for the project is the usual high-end quality finish, a fit-out renovation, and the installation of built-in furniture such as wardrobe and study desk. Additionally, they requested the purchase and installation of furniture items like sofa, dining table, and bedroom furniture. The scope of work also encompassed civil, mechanical, and electrical tasks to ensure a comprehensive transformation of the space.

The workflow for this project began with a comprehensive survey to assess the unit's renovation needs and align with the client's preferences. Following this, a design consultation was conducted to finalize plans in collaboration with the client, ensuring their vision was accurately reflected. A kick-off meeting was then held to establish project deadlines and milestones, facilitating clear communication and expectations. Subsequently, furniture production commenced for built-in items, alongside arrangements for the purchase of additional furniture pieces. The installation process involved executing civil work, including partitioning, chipping, and repainting, alongside mechanical and electrical installations. Once the infrastructure was in place, furniture setup ensued, adhering to the approved design plan to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics. Post-installation, thorough cleaning of the renovated unit was conducted to prepare it for occupancy. Finally, high-quality promotional photos were captured to showcase the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the completed project.

"An achievement to be proud of for the Design Team"

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