Noble Design Asia is a leading interior design company in Jakarta. We’re dedicated to sustainability and offer complete interior design and building services. Our team of passionate designers is committed to turning our clients’ visions into reality, creating meaningful experiences. We also specialize in furniture design and rental, office fit-outs, and staging services to craft timeless, functional, stylish, and eco-friendly spaces.


Our interior design service is a comprehensive offering that is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Our team of skilled and experienced interior designers works closely with clients to create custom designs that reflect their tastes and personalities. We consider every aspect of the design process, from color schemes and furniture layouts to lighting and décor, to ensure that each project is visually stunning and functional. Whether you are looking to refresh a single room or redesign an entire property, our interior design service can help bring your vision to life.
Our integral build service complements our comprehensive interior design package. Our team collaborates closely to craft tailored solutions, covering planning, installation, and every detail in between. From structural work to custom joinery, our meticulous execution ensures top-notch standards. Trust in our commitment to excellence for on-time, budget-friendly project completion, whether it’s a custom feature or an entirely bespoke space.
Our premium furniture rental service brings you the ultimate convenience, catering to a diverse range of needs including events, home staging, and temporary stays. Our service is particularly beneficial for expats, offering them the comfort and flexibility of fully furnished living without the commitment of purchasing. Whether you’re settling into a new city or preparing your property for sale, our furniture rental ensures a stylish and comfortable environment without the usual complexities.
Our comprehensive furniture fit-out service provides stress-free solutions for commercial spaces, tailoring every aspect from design to installation. Ideal for businesses aiming to cultivate functional and stylish workspaces, this service ensures professionalism and functionality, effortlessly enhancing your commercial environment.
Our staging service, integral to our interior design package, helps clients present their property perfectly. Our expert stagers strategically design a tailored staging plan, managing everything from decor selection to furniture arrangement. Ideal for homeowners, real estate agents, and property developers, our staging service maximizes property potential, drawing potential buyers or renters.



Interior Design & Build Service

The European meets Bali style creates a serene oasis in a pristine sea of white, exuding purity and tranquillity. Noble Design had the privilege of collaborating with our client to bring her talented vision to life.

We created a custom dining table, designed and adorned the guest bedroom and living area, and strategically added furniture around the swimming pool area to complete her project.

The result is a true masterpiece – a home that transcends the ordinary and showcases the extraordinary possibilities that arise from passion, collaboration, and creativity.


Staging Service in Kemang

Our Staging service in a stunning 3-bedroom house in Kemang, South Jakarta. We transformed this space into a cozy home with our quality furniture and stylish staging solutions. Our experts curated and arranged all of the furnishings to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re a homeowner or a real estate agent, our services will enhance your property’s appeal and functionality.


Bringing Botanica into life

Our skilled design team breathed life into this 3-bedroom apartment at Botanica Senayan, South Jakarta. We artfully incorporated premium furniture and sophisticated staging solutions into our client’s property, executing the project impeccably. This accomplishment is yet another testament to our commitment to satisfied homeowners in Jakarta.


Verde Two

This is another and one of our favourite Noble Design interior design project for Verde Two Residence in South Jakarta. A luxury apartment with a blend of stylish and timeless design.

We have given each room a cozy and attractive appeal and the pleasure of living a modern life. Our team provided staging services with a minimalist design that incorporated our locally hand-made wooden furniture. We curated every detail to create a chic and calming atmosphere, helping potential tenants envision themselves living in this luxurious space.



Our recent office renovation project created a vibrant and contemporary atmosphere, transforming the space into a bright and open area that fosters seamless communication, collaboration, and creativity. The new layout has elevated the office into a dynamic hub, inspiring a productive work environment.


Noble Asia HQ

Our in-house interior design & build team executed a transformation that speaks volumes. Our revamped HQ fosters a productive environment, nurturing growth and boosting revenue. Employee comfort and productivity soar when their surroundings are optimal. The efficient office layout minimizes distractions, fostering focused task completion.

A well-crafted office isn’t just for employees; it’s also a statement for clients and customers. Contemporary, functional space communicates professionalism and trust. Welcome to the new era of Noble Asia.


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